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arizona factoring company, arizona factoring companies, arizona factoring firmThe 2006 total gross state product of Arizona was $232 billion. If Arizona (and each of the other U.S. states) were an independent country along with all existing countries (2005), it would have the 61st largest economy in the world (CIA - The World Factbook). This figure gives Arizona a larger economy than such countries as Ireland, Finland, and New Zealand. Arizona currently has the 21st largest economy among states in the United States. As a percentage of its overall budget, Arizona's projected 1.7 billion deficit for '09 is one of the largest in the country, behind such states as Texas, California, Michigan and Florida, to name a few.[38]

Why Does Accounts Receivable Factoring Work In Arizona?

Accounts receivable factoring, (also called “factoring” or “invoice factoring”) is the most efficient, cost-effective method of small business finance available in Arizona today, and it’s easy to see why:

  • Accounts receivable factoring is not based on your personal credit history or collateral like a bank loan. Instead, approvals are based on your customers’ creditworthiness.
  • Small business loans usually require weeks of waiting. Fast A/R Funding offers accounts receivable factoring in Arizona with approvals in as little as 24 hours and funding often available in 48 hours!
  • Once approved and funded, Fast A/R Funding helps your company manage its accounts receivables and its credit risk, freeing you up to focus on managing your business instead of your invoices.

How Does Accounts Receivable Factoring Work In Arizona?

Small business financing in Arizona can be complicated. Fast A/R Funding changes that! With our industry-leading practices, proprietary technology, and experienced management, Fast A/R Funding offers the ideal solution to the cash flow challenges facing Arizona’s small businesses today. Here’s how it works:

  1. You apply in just minutes, using our paperless, secure, online system.
  2. We carefully review your application.
  3. If approved, you receive up to 95% of the face value of your invoices in as little as 48 hours.
  4. We help collect your outstanding invoices.
  5. You get back to business.
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