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You need answers, and we have them. Receive valuable business factoring advice and guidance from seasoned accounts receivable lenders who ensure secure, factoring using the latest technology. Take advantage of the expertise of a management team with decades of experience in top positions at leading financial firms. Count on extraordinary service by people who understand your needs and provide the accounts receivable factoring or short-term business loan that puts your business in the position for success.

Work With A Dedicated Cash Flow Consultant

You won’t find paper-pushers at Fast A/R Funding. Instead you’ll find cash flow consultants with extensive knowledge of factoring and short-term business loans, ready to assist you in growing your business.

Your Cash Flow Consultant Helps You:

Understand the ins and outs of factoring
If you’re new to factoring, your cash flow consultant carefully explains the advantages  of factoring and the differences from a conventional small business loan. You enter the decision-making process fully equipped to choose the best funding source for your small business.

Save money and grow your business
Learn cash flow tips and techniques from your cash flow consultant to effectively operate and take your business to the next level. Access additional resources written by our consultants on our blog and in our Cash Flow University to ensure you have all the information you need to succeed.

Act quickly and get assistance 24/7
Our industry-leading, proprietary technology allows you to reach a Fast A/R Funding cash flow consultant at any time that works for you, day or night, weekends included. You won’t need to wait long for approvals (usually within 24 hours), and you receive your funding faster than ever before (in as little as 48 hours).

Explain your use of factoring to your customers
You don’t need to be nervous about telling customers you’re using a factoring company. Your cash flow consultant provides examples of the best ways inform customers about your factoring decision. Approach customers with confidence, presenting this move as a positive step for all parties involved.

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