Access The Cash You Need Online: Factoring Technology That Delivers

Obtaining accounts receivable funding to maintain adequate cash flow and grow your business shouldn’t make life harder. With Fast A/R Funding’s simplified online application process, it won’t. Our proprietary software is so technologically advanced that your approval is usually available in a day and your initial cash advance could be as soon as the following day!

The entire factoring process is online, providing you with efficient access to your money and your account information. We call it cash flow simplified. You get instant access to data on your customers and their payment habits. You know the status of every invoice at the click of a mouse. Your online factoring tool from Fast A/R Funding integrates with QuickBooks, eliminating work for you so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

  • The application process is completely online.
  • Documents are signed electronically and always available to be seen with the click of a mouse.
  • Once approved the client receives their online account access.
  • They create invoices using our website software or use the QuickBooks integration tool to transfer invoices to us along with backup documentation.
  • We send the invoices by email, paper mail or both. Whichever our client’s customers prefer.
  • Based on the invoices created or transferred to our system we send cash to our clients.
  • Clients receive email notification a funding has occurred.
  • When the invoice is paid, the client receives an email alert that payment has been made with a copy of the customer check attached.
  • The system keeps track of all charges and all invoices details that a client can refer to any time online.
  • Filing cabinet has payment details on how long it takes each customer to pay to help with performance analysis.
  • Clients can see the lines of credit for each one of their customers that we have established and know how much they have available for funding.

See how simple the online factoring process is and how much valuable information it provides your business.

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