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You want to make business decisions that grow your business and set it up for long-term profitability. Get the education you need right here at our Cash Flow University. You have access to resources and news that explain invoice factoring, receivables financing, small business loans, fees and other aspects of finance.

What’s Available At Cash Flow University

When you enter the pages of Cash Flow University, here’s what you find, all for free:

  • Reports and Whitepapers
    Learn how business factoring impacts cash flow, how to finance your payroll and how to choose a factoring company. The information you want is right here at your fingertips.

  • Glossary
    Finance and factoring has its own language, as any industry does. Find concise, informative definitions in our glossary to help you make more informed financing decisions.

  • FAQs
    If you have a question about invoice factoring or Fast A/R Funding’s processes, it’s likely someone else has too. Answers to the ones we hear most often are located right here.

  • Application Process Help
    The online application is simple to use and this help page makes it even easier by walking you through the process step-by-step, blank-by-blank.

  • Electronic Invoice Factoring Blog
    Read regular updates filled with factoring information and news, tips for improving your cash flow and specific concerns for targeted industries.

  • News
    If there’s news that’s important to the factoring business or your cash flow, it’s here for you to access.

If you have more questions or want a better understanding of how the factoring of your accounts receivables improves your company’s cash flow, contact a knowledgeable cash flow consultant and get the information you need. Every cash flow consultant is 100% committed to your needs from the initial call to strategic cash flow planning and planning for the future. Take advantage of the free advice we make available to you as a small business, conversations with our cash flow consultants are free!

As a smart business owner, you’re never done learning. Download our free tip sheet Receivables Financing: The Positive Impact on Cash Flow.