Electronic Invoice Factoring For The Trucking And Transportation Industries

Invoice Factoring for the Trucking Invoice factoring is helping small business owners in the trucking and transportation business every day. The difference with Fast A/R Funding is that we only work with small companies.

Selling your invoices can help your small trucking business meet the financial issues that all small companies see today. Skyrocketing fuel costs, that big customer that takes forever to pay, and that repair you have to make can hurt your business. Factoring is great but what happens when you only have a few thousand dollars a month in billing? Financing with Fast A/R Funding changes all of this and gets you back on the road.

How can invoice discounting with Fast A/R Funding help my small company?
If you are in the trucking or transportation industry the chances are that you know how factoring works already. See how we are different:

  • You apply in just minutes, using our secure, paperless process.  Its free and there is no obligation.
  • Because we set up our accounts all online it only takes a couple days to get you started.
  • No going to the notary for signatures.  
  • No mailing invoices, no faxing documents.
  • You create invoices online using our FREE invoice creation tool and you get advances.

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