Accounts Receivable Factoring Services In San Jose

San Jose is often called the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” As the largest city in the Silicon Valley area, the San Jose Metro area is home to more than 4,500 technology companies, including several in the Fortune 500. In addition to hosting more high-tech companies than any U.S. city, San Jose is also a worldwide leader in manufacturing.

Still, big business is only part of the economic picture in San Jose. Small businesses are essential to the area’s economy, but they struggle under the weight of hard-hitting competitors, high taxes, high cost of living, and a tight economy. This creates a tremendous need for small business financing in San Jose. Traditional small business loans can take weeks to process and are dependent on your personal credit history and collateral. In San Jose, accounts receivable factoring services are a better option.

Why Choose Accounts Receivable Factoring Services In San Jose?

Accounts receivable factoring services (also called “invoice factoring services”) are efficient and cost-effective. At Fast A/R Funding, we purchase your invoices for up to 95% of their face value, providing your company with the capital you need to operate, compete, and grow. Approvals for accounts receivable factoring services in San Jose are based on your customers’ creditworthiness and the value of your invoices, making it easier than ever to qualify for small business financing.

No More Waiting!

Why wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for customers’ payments? Why wait weeks for an answer on your small business loan application? Fast A/R Funding’s accounts receivable factoring services in San Jose take the waiting out of small business financing!

  • Apply: Our application process is online, paperless, and takes just minutes.
  • Approve: We provide approvals in as little as 24 hours!
  • Fund: You have your funding right away, often in just 48 hours!