Factoring Loans

Leverage Your Open Invoices

Growing your business in today's tough economic times can be difficult. You need cash to make payroll, and to invest in new products or services. With a factoring loan from Fast A/R Funding you can use one of your company's biggest assets to get you the working capital you need to take your business to the next level. 

Factoring loans are not like traditional bank loans. There is no lengthly application process based on your financial statements, or waiting weeks or months for approval. With a factoring loan from Fast A/R Funding we focus on the value of your accounts receivable to get you the cash you need quickly. 

Factoring Loans Helps You Succeed

With factoring loans, you assign your invoices to Fast A/R Funding for up to 95% of their face value, providing your company with an immediate influx of working capital. Instead of waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for a customer’s payment, you receive the money as soon as your invoices are created. Use the funds to grow your business: pay bills, purchase new equipment, increase inventory, meet payroll or boost advertising. Having cash available at your discretion allows you to make smarter payment decisions because you’re not scrambling to make ends meet.

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Taking The Fear Out Of a Factoring Loan

A factoring loan doesn’t have to be complex. With Fast A/R Funding’s OneFeeTM Factoring, you receive the cash flow financing you need and know exactly what you’re paying for the service. 

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