Business Factoring Online - It really does exist!

Posted by Jonah Schnel on Mon, Apr 16, 2012

Factoring Online

Business Factoring Online - It really does exist!

So you want to get some cash from your accounts receivable and in this Internet age you figure you should be able to do it all online, right?  Well, the answer of course, is YES!  There are a lot of claims made by factoring companies that they can advance cash to you quickly, but the most important aspect to be able to accomplish this is being able to do everything online.  I mean everything!  Fast A/R Funding's management team is a very experienced group of finance professionals that decided to turn every aspect of the factoring process upside down and ask the question, why is this done with paper?  The result, after over a year of software development, was a technology platform that enables all steps of the factoring process to be done over the web, truly factoring online.  Below are just 10 of the items available ALL ONLINE at Fast A/R Funding:

  1. Free Application
  2. Client underwriting and identity verification
  3. All document signing
  4. Client-side portal will full account transparency 24/7
  5. Invoice creation tool and quickbooks integration
  6. Online cash advance via wire or ACH
  7. Receivables management analytics and tools
  8. Customer invoice dissemination
  9. Customer credit analysis
  10. Automatic email notification with scanned copies of checks from customers

As a company that strives to do all it's business online ourselves, we applaud other companies that do the same. It's good for business (efficiencies) and it's good for the environment.  One of our favorite companies that we try to refer prospect clients to any chance we get is MyCorporation.  Many of our business factoring prospect clients are sole proprietors that have not yet incorporated.  They don't often understand the value or necessity in forming the proper corporate entity (such as an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership, etc.).  Business Factoring companies such as ours require this type of formal corporate organization and good standing certificates. MyCorporation is a place where entrepreneurs can get education about the process and then simply and easily get it all done ONLINE.


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